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jade eggs

Jade eggs

   Great consideration and care has been put into creating the Jade Eggs. The eggs are polished to a smooth, poreless surface.  This pure medium can simply be boiled for non-invasive feminine hygiene, (unlike plastic products). The eggs glide easily into the vagina and take on body temperature to offer a pleasant, comfortable exercise experience.
     Exercise is for all women at all ages.  It should be done at your own pace and can be relaxing and enjoyable.  

Jade Eggs are the perfect way to allow your body to heal and improve its health naturally.  Using this small, gem of an instrument will be the biggest step you take towards experiencing a new level of health in your sexual organs.

jade eggs

   The Jade Eggs allow you to exercise your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles by isolating the proper muscles and offering weight resistance and biofeedback.  Their owner's guide describes step-by-step techniques of vaginal and pelvic floor exercises, but even your own experimentation for just 5-15 min. every other day in the way you feel most comfortable, around the house or in the privacy of your bedroom, will already teach you to learn control over the vaginal muscle and lower pelvic floor while toning and strengthening many voluntary and involuntary muscles. 

The Jade Eggs are encased in a black jewelry box

    Just as hand-held weights help you to strengthen your arm muscles, the Jade Eggs provide weight for optimal training.  If you choose to do vaginal weightlifting, the eggs are pre-drilled to enable you to add gradual amounts of weight for an exercise that will invigorate the urogenital diaphragm, which supports all the vital and sexual organs of your body.  
The Jade Eggs range in size and weight, from the smallest and most difficult to manipulate for the expert, to the largest and easiest to get a grasp on for the beginner. 
   Three sets of Jade Eggs come in different combinations of sizes and weights for varying levels of virtuosity and for individual preference.
   Please choose among them to find the right one for you.    
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     The Jade Eggs may simply be boiled to sterilize them, or rinsed with water after use to maintain cleanliness.  The  smoothed  to  perfection  surfaces  is  a  glistening  proof  of  hygiene.

   Jade is a luminous stone that is highly valued in the ancient Chinese civilization, symbolizing longevity and believed to have mystical healing energy.  It is the prefered material for precious jewelry, and the tool used by the Empress herself to maintain her longevity and the health of her sexual organs.  The contact of jade with the flesh and touch transmits a soothing energy which speeds healing and recovery.
Gemstone quality jade would cost a demi-fortune, so in order to offer the best quality product at a reasonable price, we elected "New Jade".  This semi-precious stone, of the serpentine family, is known for having the esteemed qualities of jade.  
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 Jade is a precious stone with qualities of it that even exceed the worth of diamonds.

The Jade Eggs are encased in an elegant black jewelry box with a velveteen traveling pouch,  and come with an owner's guide which fully details the techniques for vaginal exercise in an easy- to-follow manner.  The eggs are essentially a tool to help you take an active role in your own healing and improvement of health.

The full potency within each Jade Egg remains truly the secret to be discovered anew each time that you practice.  

Well-being is a personal choice.  Take a step towards your own healing.
 We guarantee you will feel the improvement on a deep and satisfying level.


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Jade Eggs Exercises

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