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The essential tools necessary to improve vaginal health through training with basic techniques for strength and toning.

Jade Eggs : Beginner

Varied sizes of tools increase your control; helping you improve your health and confidence continuously.

Jade Eggs : Intermediate

All the tools necessary to integrate varied exercises into daily life and become your own expert of healing.

Jade Eggs : Advanced

$ 59.95

$ 99.95

$ 149.95


  • The Jade Eggs are enclosed in a black jewelry box and comes with a velvet pouch.

  • Our instructional guide describes detailed techniques for training and vaginal weightlifting.

  • Jade Eggs are a tool, used properly you might start to feel the benefits within 3 weeks.

  • If your not satisfied, ask us for a full refund within 60 days.  Your satisfaction is our warranty.

Drilled Chinese 
Jade Eggs Exercises

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